Vertical Metal Frame Support for Flower Pots



Pot stand: Width: 25 x 45 cm : Height

Made of wrought iron, a material in the top of preferences in terms of decorations for balconies and gardens. It is a stable support for 1 pot that can be mounted in any corner of the house or terrace.

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Planter for indoor and outdoor plants

This unique pot has a water reservoir that automatically introduces moisture into the soil, so root health is assured. A special self-watering system, which helps your plants always be filled with the optimal amount of water. The build-in water level clear window allows comfortable care and easy water level control. Your plant can remain healthy for up to four weeks after a refill.

This plastic pot is lightweight and comfortable in use, easy to clean and holds moisture for a relatively long time. It is made with UV-stabilized materials and won’t leak. The self-watering pot Asti is one of the most used by gardening and landscaping professionals and lovers. Often Asti pots are used for decoration of balconies, terraces, winter gardens, homegrown flowers. This planter does not include drainage holes and is not recommended for outdoor use where excessive rainfall is a possibility.

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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 45 cm