Decorative Pine Bark 8 – 15 mm, Gardening Product 5 L



It is recommended for preparing the substrate for epiphyte orchids, mulching plants in pots or planters, floral arrangements and decorations, vegetable terrariums or for aquariums with reptiles. 

5 L bag.
Naturaly harvested.
Validity: Unlimited
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Decorative Pine Bark 8 - 15 mm, Gardening Product 5 L £13.89 £10.99

Natural elements to customize & improve your own growing media

In order to get the best growing media for your plants, you need the best ingredients to rely on. Therefore, we selected the best quality ingredients on the market, with no artificial intervention, packed in small 1L units, in order to be more accessible for private gardeners, easier to lift or storage, if needed. The Dr.Soil soil Improvers can be mixed with garden soil, turf/peat or other elements and can significantly contribute to the nourishment and health of the plant. These special Dr.Soil products ease the potting and repotting experience and make the growing media more aerated, more drainant and more nutrient absorbent. The mixture will not become compacted or depleted, but instead, will be a great development medium for all the plants in the indoor and outdoor plants.

The bag has a volume of 5L and a variable weight between 1.7 and 2 kg (depending on the humidity of the raw material). The advantages of using the pine bark selected by Dr.Soil: • a premium raw material, organic, chemically untreated, undyed, without additives, from Spain (Galicia), extracted in a controlled manner from Pinus Pinaster • does not favor the development of fungi and molds • decomposes very slowly, being beneficial for the plant in the long term • prevents splashing and soiling of plants during watering or rain • prevents midge larvae from settling on the soil surface of acidophilic plants, at the same time regulating the pH • has a natural color and a pleasant smell of the forest – it keeps its reddish color for a long time • ecologically protects plants from pests • raw material for mulching plants in pots or planters; it is distributed evenly on the surface of the soil in the pot or planter, all around the stem of the plant • preserves soil moisture, preventing excessive evaporation.

Storage conditions: The product is stored in dry and ventilated places. Keep out of reach of children! Throw the packaging in the trash.

Validity period: unlimited