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Volume: 2 L

Material: Plastic

Colors: Red /  Transparent / Golden Black [please choose any ( if intend to buy more than 10 pieces available in other colors as well, get in touch with us and we will discuss your necessity. )

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Modern Purple plastic pot
Smart treatment for flowers, gardening planter UK £9.99£11.19
2L . The Santino Arte Bench features a contemporary, pleasing design for style and a self-watering tank for comfort.It is designed with an ingenious drainage system in the inner pot that allows excess water from the substrate to drain into the outer pot.This pot maintains an adequate level of humidity for up to 4 weeks between watering periods.Self-watering system eliminates tedious daily monitoring of plants for soil moisture.It is suitable for any type of small or medium and also for growing various types of orchids.

Offer your plants a smart treatment.

Your favorite flowers will be carefully nurtured with the optimum amount of moisture!

The Santino Arte is available in a range of colours and has a light weight, making it comfortable to use.It is also easy to clean and maintain and is durable over time. These pots can be used both for home decoration and for decorating offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.Outdoor planters do not include drainage holes and are not recommended for outdoor use where excessive rain is likely.Dimensions: /Height: 150 mm /Diameter: 165 mm / Volume: 2 litres

Colors: transparent, lilac-white, red-white, golden-black, dark green-white, mint green-white, black-white

  Usage mode:
1. Before planting directly into the soil, it is recommended to pour a layer of gravel (2-3 cm) into the inner pot for an ideal moisture balance.You can also use perlite or specific mixtures of this material.
2. Pour the first layer of soil, which should not be much, as you need to leave enough space for the plant’s roots.In place of soil, you can use various types of peat mixtures, suitable for your plants.
3. Place the plant directly into the flower pot and fill the remaining space with soil. Lightly tamp down.Add more soil as it will settle in 2-3 weeks and reduce by 5-10%.
4. Water the plant directly on the ground.Make sure the water level does not exceed the gravel level.
Smart treatment for quality planters

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anthracite-white, golden-black, green-white, lilac-white, mint-white, red-white, transparent, white-black, white-lilac

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16,5 cm

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15 cm

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2 litre

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