Santino Arte-Dea 2 L flower planter with self-watering system


The inner pot is equipped with many drainage and ventilation holes, so that the water in the tank rises easily to the roots through evaporation.

Designed with a spacious water tank, creates sufficient humidity for healthy plant growth and the development of rich flower stems.


Santino Arte-Dea 2 L planter with self-watering system

The secret of this special pot is to ensure excellent drainage for the plants. It is perfect for all types of orchids.

The Arte-Dea pot from Santino is a double pot that effectively protects the roots of plants.

Your orchids will always be well drained and watered!

The transparency of the pot facilitates the control of the humidity level and provides the necessary light for photosynthesis.

Additional information

Weight 0.137 kg
Dimensions 14.7 × 14.7 × 17 cm
Color: No selection

green, jade green, pink, transparent

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