Dr.Soil Mix-Your-Own Quartz Sand 1L


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Natural Substrate for your plants

Dr. Soil’s stands for a good and nourishing growing medium, that recreates, as much as possible, the natural development environment. This is why we created formulas based on only natural ingredients packed in specific quantities bags for most of your favorite plants. Our formulas provide great ventilation of the roots and a great gas exchange with the atmosphere, delaying the decomposition process. Each substrate recipe contains a good amount of biohumus, full of microorganisms that naturally fertilizes and nourish the entire plant structure, from the root microcapillaries till the tip of the smallest leaf. Once the plant is potted in a Dr. Soil’s Substrate, the entire vegetal structure gets natural immunity and better strength when dwelling with diseases or parasites, keeping the plant revitalized, glowing and good looking. Moreover, it is a very good neutralizer of soil pH. How is vegetable compost used?

1. In the case of indoor or outdoor plants in pots or planters: the compost is incorporated into the soil in the pots, so that the mixture becomes a fluffy, aerated material, in which the roots of the plant can breathe. Water as needed.

2. In the case of seeds, seedlings or young plants: prepare a mixture of 2 parts soil and one part compost and spread it in pots or alveolar trays. Water as needed.

3. In case of use in the garden: the compost is incorporated superficially with the existing soil in the garden. Planting continues normally. If necessary, add another layer of substrate. Fertilization is not necessary for a period of 6 months. After planting, water as usual after 7 days.

Place the plant in the new pot, cover the roots with the substrate and press gently and evenly around the plant. Water the plant slowly and moderately. After planting: water as usual after 7 days. If necessary, add a layer of substrate. Fertilization is not necessary for a period of 6 months. Storage conditions: keep the bag in a dry place in the original packaging. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store in direct sunlight. Validity period: unlimited

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