Fertilizer for geraniums and balcony plants



This fertilizer formula for balcony plants is a nutritional supplement for balcony plants and other acidophilic plants, which is administered directly into the plant’s substrate, acting on the entire structure of the plant for up to 15 days.
It will revitalize the plants and encourage their reproduction.
Fertilize visible results!

Intended for: all species of Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis orchids (Aphrodite, Philippinensis, Sanderiana, Schilleriana, etc.) and other epiphytic orchids (with aerial roots).
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Organic plant fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants, flowers easy care for plants
Fertilizer for geraniums and balcony plants £8.49 £6.29

Elixir Dr.Soil Drop-by-Drop for geraniums and balcony plants – feeding supplement for one use, 32ml

Nutritional therapy for your balcony plants!

What’s more, it will stimulate the inflorescence and maintain the flowers for a longer period of time. Administering the Dr.Soil elixir will change the color of the plants to a more vivid, more intense one, giving the entire plant a refreshed appearance! At the level of the roots, they will hydrate more and will be predisposed to a better capture of water from irrigation, mixed with the supply of nutrients from Elixir. Each dose is released gradually, making accessible to the plant, in a balanced way, a sufficient supply of nutrients to feed the plant for up to 15 days. Regular use strengthens the plant’s defense against external factors.

How to use: water the plant before administering the treatment in the substrate in the pot. Remove the ampoule cap and insert the dropper into the substrate, slightly obliquely, to ensure gradual dripping. Due to differences in density of substrate mixtures, the drip rate may vary. On average, the dose is administered gradually in up to 15 days, but it can be emptied even faster due to independent factors such as temperature fluctuations, watering frequency, the need to hydrate the plant, etc. Constant use is recommended, depending on the need. There is no overdose. The microelements in the composition do not locally affect the roots or microcapillarities. Simultaneous use with a concentrated fertilizer is not recommended.

Recommendations: Keep out of reach of children. Do not empty into drains or in the wild. Plastic packaging can be recycled.