Hanging Flower Pot Santino Vista 3.8 L with self-watering system


The Santino Vista hanging pot has a contemporary design, a self-watering system for your comfort, and is easy to handle.

This ingenious drainage system allows excess water from the substrate to drain from the internal pot to the external pot.

It is made of recycled plastic, of very good quality, resistant to UV rays and frost.

The pot is accompanied by a hook of the same color, for hanging, which is tightly connected to it by means of special clips.

It is used both by professional gardeners and by flower and gardening lovers, especially due to its luxurious, shiny surface.

You can plant any type of flower in the waterfall, but not only! The pot includes drainage holes and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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anthracite, cream-white, grey-white, shade-shade, white-lilac, white-lime green

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