Flower Pot Santino Calipso 3.8 L


This boat type flower pot has a special tank for water drainage and a self-watering system, through which the plant attracts the necessary moisture and this makes it perfect for water-loving plants!

Flower Pot Santino Calipso 3.8 L

Are you looking for an elegant flower pot? That’s great! The Calipso pot with self-watering system was created for you. This is perfect for growing a variety of plants, even orchids. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

The Santino Calipso pot is designed with an ingenious drainage system that allows excess water to drain from the substrate into the outer pot. This pot allows optimal air circulation, which guarantees the health of the roots. It has an attractive elongated shape, suitable even for narrow windowsills and is preferred due to its elegance and varied range of colors, as well as its light weight, which make it comfortable to use. Leak-free design protects interior surfaces.

Way of usage:

1. Pour the first layer of soil, which should not be much, because you must leave enough space for the plant’s root.
Instead of soil, you can use various types of peat mixtures, suitable for your plants.

2. Place the plant directly in the flower pot and fill the remaining space with soil.

3. Compress lightly.

Add more soil, as it will settle in 2-3 weeks and reduce by 5-10%.

4. Water the plant directly on the ground.

Make sure that the water level does not exceed the gravel level.

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